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Evidence for Chuki (Java)

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1703
Type Ethnography
Location Java
Date 1817-01-01 - 1817-12-31
Rules Board made of crossed lines, with 120 intersections. Two players, sixty pieces per player. The pieces begin on the board. The player to take off the first piece is decided at random. Pieces move in all directions. Players capture one, three, or five of the opponent's pieces at a time, and continue their turn until they are unable to do so. The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.
Content " In Chúki, the board has one hundred and twenty angular points, formed by cross lines on a checkered board, and the same is played with sixty white and sixty black pieces. The object here is to lear the board of the adversary's pieces, and the victor is he who does so first. The parties toss up who shall take off the first piece or break the board. The moves are in all directions, and the person who commences goes on as long as he can take one, three, or five of his adversary's pieces. When he cannot do either, he stops, and the other goes on in the same way.' Raffles 1830: 391.
Confidence 100
Source Raffles, T. 1817. The History of Java. London: John Murray.

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