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Evidence for Chonpa

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1985
Type Ethnography
Location 25°12'35.98"N, 80°55'11.08"E
Date 1904-01-01 - 1905-12-31
Rules Four 3x8 rectangles, arranged in a cross. No marked squares. Four players, each with four pieces, which are black, yellow, green, and red. Yellow seated at the bottom, red to their right, black to the right of red, green to the right of black. Green and red play on a team against black and yellow. Three four-sided rectangular dice, each marked 1, 2, 5, and 6. Pieces begin on the board, with one each in the sixth and seventh space of the central row of the player's arm, (counting from the top of the row), and in the seventh and eighth spaces of the left row of the arm belonging to the player to the right. The latter two pieces must move as a pair, I.e., they must always be moved together, and can only do so when pairs are thrown. The other two pieces belonging to a player may move singly. Throws may be split up as a player sees fit, but the value of one die must be used it its entirety by a piece. When three pieces are on a single space, and triples are thrown on the dice, all three pieces may move double the amount of the number that is tripled (e.g., three sixes would award a move of twelve to the three pieces). Pieces move around the board in an anti-clockwise direction until they reach their central row, at which point they move up the central row to the central spot. They must enter the central space by an exact throw. When a player moves all of their pieces to the center, they continue to throw the dice, and use these throws to move their partner's pieces. When all of the team's pieces reach the center, that team wins.
Content Description of Chonpa as learned by Humphries in Karwi subdivision, India in 1904-1905. Humphries 1906: 119-121.
Confidence 100
Spaces Outside, Public
Source Humphries, E. de M. 1906. Notes on "Pachesi" and similar games, as played in the Karwi Subdivision, United Provinces. Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 2(4): 117–127.

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