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Evidence for Natt Klab ash-Shawk

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1554
Type Ethnography
Location Palestine
Date 1951-01-01 - 1951-12-31
Rules 5x5 board, the central square marked with an X. Twelve pieces per player. Pieces begin the game on the first two rows in front of the player, and in the two squares to the player's right in the central row. Players alternate turns moving a piece orthogonally to an adjacent empty space. Players may capture an opponent's piece by hopping over it. The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.
Content "4.2.12. Palestine: Natt klab ash-shawk. (Hilmi Samara). PLayed on the cells of a 5x5 board with no slant lines, the central cell being cross cut. Twelve men arranged as in Fig. 27. The men can only move one step orthogonally, and captures are made by the short leap." Murray 1951: 66.
Confidence 100
Source Murray, H.J.R. 1951. A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

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