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Evidence for Mandoli

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.740
Type Ethnography
Location Hydra
Date 1810-04-01 - 1810-04-02
Content "I saw there to-day a game, which, not having seen elsewhere, I will give you a description of. The Idriots call is Mandoli, or Almonds, and it is played at a board by two persons. Twelve hollows are scooped in the board, in two rows of six each: in each hollow six balls are placed, and the opponents take each a row. The game is commenced by the first player taking out the balls from any one of the hollows, and distributing them, one by one, successively, round the board. In the first round no balls can be captured, but in the second the contest becomes serious. The skill of the player consists in so managing his distribution, that his last ball shall either fall into a hollow where there is only one, or three, or seven, or nine, &c. which, by the addition of his ball, are made even numbers, and in consequence become prizes. If in the distribution he makes even numbers in the two last hollows, he takes the contents of both. This is considered a great stroke. The victor is, of course, he who reckons the greatest number of prisoners." Galt 1813: 241-242.
Confidence 100

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