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Evidence for Tawlbwrdd

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.832
Type Contemporary rule description
Location Wales
Date 1587-08-01 - 1857-08-31
Rules 11x11 board. King piece. Twelve pieces on king's side and 24 opposed. Starting position. Two players. Captures by placing opponent's piece between two of one's own pieces.
Content "A Peniarth manuscript (Welssh Nat. Library, 158, p. 4) (I am indebted to Dr. F. R. Lewis for this reference.) contains a description of tawlbwrdd which was written by Robert ap Ifan in August 1587, with a drawing of the board. It contains 11x11 cells and the second, fourth, sixth, and eight columns are shaded (cf. the Gokstad board), and continues: The above board must be played with a king (brenin) in the centre and twelve men in the places next to him, and twenty-four lie in wait to capture him. These are placed, six in the centre of every end of the board and in the six central places. Two players move the pieces, and if one belonging to the king comes between two attackers, he is dead and is thrown out of play; and if one of the attackers comes between two of the king's men, the same. If the king himself comes between two of the attackers nd if you say 'watch your king' before he moves into that place, and he is unable to escape, you can catch him. If the other says gwrheill (?) and goes between the two, there is no harm. If the king can go along the line (lacuna here) that side wins the game." (Murray 1951:63). "MS. 158...Y talbwrdd yehed a fydd raid I chawaray a brenin yn y canol &c. There is a sketch of a chequered-board divided into 110 squares in 5 white columns and 5 shaded columns of 11 squares each." Gwenogvryn 1899: 942–943.
Confidence 100
Source Gwenogvryn, E (ed.). 1899. Report on Manuscripts in the Welsh Language. Vol. I Part II. Peniarth. London: Eyre and Spottiswoode., Murray, H.J.R. 1951. A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

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