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Evidence for Tshuba

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1301
Type Ethnography
Location Tsonga
Date 1912-01-01 - 1912-12-31
Rules 4x4, 8, 10, 16, or 22 board. Two counters in each hole. Sowing occurs in an anti-clockwise direction. When the final counter of a sowing lands in an occupied hole, the contents are picked up and sowing continues. When the final counter lands in an empty hole in the player's inner row, the contents of the opponent's hole in the inner row opposite it are captured, and if there are counters also in the corresponding outer row hole, these are also captured. The player may also capture from another hole from the opponent's side of the board of their choosing. The turn ends. If the final counter lands in an empty hole in the player's outer row, the turn ends. Play continues until one player captures all of the opponent's counters, thus winning.
Content Detailed description of Tshuba, including step-by-step description of a game. Played by the Tsonga men. Junod 1912: 314-318.
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Genders Male
Source Junod, H. 1912. The Life of a South African Tribe. Neuchatel: Imprimerie Attinger Frères.

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