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Evidence for 33 Circles

2 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1174
Type Artifact
Location 29°34'22.95"N, 31°13'27.73"E
Date 1350-01-01BCE - 1186-12-31BCE
Rules 3x11 board, third square in central row marked.
Content 33 Circles board found in Tomb260 at Lisht. 3x11 board that is obscured by a Senet pattern incised over it. The third space in the central row is marked with an X. Metropolitan Museum of Art MMA 15.3.603. Hayes 1959: 404; Pusch 1979: 306; Piccione 1990: 428-429.
Confidence 100
Source Hayes, W.C. 1959. The Scepter of Egypt. Volume 2. New York. , Piccione, P. 1990. The Historical Development of the Game of Senet and its significance for Egyptian Religion. Unpublished Phd Thesis, University of Chicago. , Pusch, E. 1979. Das Senet-Brettspiel im Alten Ägypten. Munich: Deutsche Kunstverlag.

Id DLP.Evidence.2049
Type Artifact
Location 28°57'18.37"N, 31° 1'59.33"E
Date 0284-01-01BCE - 0246-12-31BCE
Rules 3x11 board, markings in the central, third, and ninth square in the central row and the fourth square in the bottom row.
Content Limestone slab found at the Temple of Ptolemy II at Gebel el-Nour, Egypt. 3x11 grid, marked with an X in the central square and the third and ninth squares in the central row. The fourth square in the bottom row also is marked with an X. Eissa and Safina 2019: 90-91.
Confidence 100
Source Eissa, R. and A. K. Safia. 2019. "The Inscriptions of the Newly Discovered Temple of Ptolemy II at Gebel el-Nour." Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur 48: 79-94.

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