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Evidence for El Zorro

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.2292
Type Ethnography
Location Garafia
Date 1923-01-01 - 1994-12-31
Rules Five squares which are each divided with lines connecting the midpoints of their sides and diagonals. The five squares are arranged in a cross-shaped board. One player plays as two foxes the other as twenty hens. The hens begin on the twenty spaces on one half of the board, the foxes on the bottom two corners of the square on the opposite arm of the cross. The foxes may move in any direction, and hop over a hen to an empty space immediately adjacent on the opposite side of the hen along the lines of the board to capture. The hens may not move backward. The foxes win by capturing all the hens, the hens win by occupying all of the spaces in the square of the arm of the cross opposite from where they began.
Content Account from Antonio Pérez Garcia, 71 years old, and Alba Pérez y Pérez, 61 years old, from El Tablado, Garafia, Canary Islands: "Deux renards et vingt poules entrent en jeu. Les renards doivent manger les poules et peuvent se déplacer dans tous les sens (avant,m en arrière, en diagonale). Les poules, elles, no peuvent se déplacer qu'en avant pour essayer d'occuper la case qui est surveillée par las renards, sans se faire manger. " (Espinel Cejas and González García 1994: 194-196.
Confidence 100
Ages Child, Adolescent
Spaces Outside
Genders Male
Source Espinel Cejas, J. and D. González García. 1994. "'La Dama" y 'el perro', dos juegos de inteligencia tradicionales canarios." Tenique: Revista de Cultura Popular Canaria 2: 118-144.

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