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Evidence for Chuki

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1206
Type Contemporary rule description
Location 1°28'30.67"N, 103°45'44.52"E
Date 1898-01-01 - 1898-12-31
Rules 12x12 squares on the board, played on the intersections of the lines, except those on the edge. The central intersection holds a bowl where the dice are rolled. Three dice. One player plays as black, the other as white, sixty pieces per player. Pieces begin on the board. White pieces are placed in two 7x7x7 triangles in opposite corners, along with the four spaces orthogonally adjacent to the dice bowl. The black pieces begin on the remaining spaces. Players remove pieces according to the throws of their dice.
Content "Chuki. Board. Johore, Malay Peninsula. Chuki is a game played upon a board (papan chuki) in the form of a small table, marked with squares, ten on a side. The four squares in the center of the board are in part occupied with a small raised square (tempat mangkok, "place of bowl"), leaving one hundred and twenty points of intersection exposed, on which sixty white and sixty black men (batu, "stones") are arranged. Two persons play alternately, letting three dice fall in a bowl, which is set on the raised square in the middle, and taking off the board the pieces of the thrower, according to the casts." Culin 1898: 872-873.
Confidence 100

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