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Evidence for Egara Guti

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.812
Type Ethnography
Location 21°10'39.77"N, 79°39'25.48"E
Date 1926-01-01 - 1926-12-31
Rules Each player begins with their eleven pieces arrayed on the intersections of the lines in one of the triangles. Pieces move to an adjacent point along one of the lines connecting it to its present location. Captures are made by hopping over an opponent's piece. The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.
Content "For the details of the Central Provinces game (egára guti) I am indebted to a gentleman of the district of Bhandara whom I met at the Linga Railway Station (Chhindwara district) a few years ago...The diagram adopted for the Central Provinces game is shown above (fig. 1). Two players are necessary for the game. There are 23 cross-points and of these 22 are filled up with ballets of two different descriptions, each player having 11 while the central cross-point is kept vacant at the beginning of the game. The play proceeds in the usual way of jumping over and capturing the ballet of the adversary lying on the next cross-point if there be an un-occupied cross-point just beyond the latter and in the same line." Gupta 1926: 211); Murray 1951: 71.
Confidence 100
Genders Male

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