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Evidence for Two-Player Chaturanga (al-Biruni)

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1986
Type Ethnography
Location Punjab
Date 0973-01-01 - 1043-12-31
Rules The Elephant moves forward one space or diagonally forward or backward.
Content Account from al-Biruni's India, as he observed the game during his trip to Punjab: "In playing chess they move the Elephant straight on, not to the other sides, one square at a time like the Pawn, and also to the four corners like the Firzan. They say that these five squares-i.e. the one straight forward and the others at the corners-are the places occupied by the trunk and the four feet of the Elephant." Murray 1913: 57-58.
Confidence 100
Source Murray, H. J. R. 1913. A History of Chess. London: Oxford University Press.

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