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Evidence for Scachs

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1999
Type Contemporary text
Location 41°23'17.19"N, 2°10'34.72"E
Date 1475-01-01 - 1499-12-31
Rules Played on an 8x8 board with pieces with specialized moves: Pawns (8): can move one space orthogonally forward, or two steps orthogonally forward on their first move, capture one space diagonally forward; Rooks (2): can move any number of spaces orthogonally; Bishops (2): can move any number of spaces diagonally; Knight (2): moves in any direction, one space orthogonally with one space forward diagonally; Queens (1): can move any number of spaces orthogonally or diagonally, cannot capture another Queen; Kings (1): can move one space orthogonally or diagonally, but on the first turn may move two squares provided it is not currently in check. The King cannot capture with this move. Castling, En Passant, and Pawn promotion allowed. Pawns promote to Queens when reaching the last row on the board only if that player's Queen has already been captured. Play begins by each player moving two of their pieces in the same turn, provided that neither enter the opponent's half of the board. An opponent's piece is captured by moving a player's own piece onto a space occupied by the opponent's piece. When a King can be captured on the next turn by an opponent's piece, it is in check. The King must not be in check at the end of the player's turn. If this is not possible, it is checkmate and the opponent wins. If the opponent is reduced to only a king, it is considered a win. Stelemate is also a win for the player causing the stalemate.
Content Description of the content of the poem Hobra jutitulada scachs damor fela per don franci de Castelui e narcis vinyoles e mossen fenollar sots nom de tres panetas ço es Març venus e Mercuri per conjunccio e influencia dela quals fon inuentada in Murray 1913: 781.
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Source Murray, H. J. R. 1913. A History of Chess. London: Oxford University Press.

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