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Evidence for Moruba

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Id DLP.Evidence.2040
Type Ethnography
Location 23°56'34.32"S, 31° 8'26.71"E
Date 1934-01-01 - 2002-12-31
Rules 4x12 board. Four counters in each hole. Players alternate turns sowing the counters from one hole in an anti-clockwise direction. When the counters fall into a hole in their inner row, the contents of the opponent's opposite inner row hole are captured, as are any in the opponent's corresponding outer row hole, but only if counters were captured from the inner row hole. The player who captures the most counters wins.
Content Account of Moruba from Malesa, who describes the rules of the game and interviews with men up to 68 years old who played the game in their childhood. "Material used A minimum of two people and a maximum of four. A board with a number of ‘kraals’ (holes) or dig holes on the ground. ‘Cows’ (stones) or bottle caps. The rules of the game The first player begins playing by removing any four stones from his holes and placing one stone in the next hole until all the four stones are in four holes. The player moves in an anti-clockwise direction, moving from the left to the right. After placing the stones in the four holes, the same player takes all eight stones directly opposite the opponent’s stones. As the opponent collects stones he or she utters words like ‘pha’ (i hit). The player has completed his turn. If during the game, the player had one stone in row one, he or she must shift the stone until he or she reaches row two. If however, there are no stones belonging to the opponent in row three, but there are stones in row four, he cannot take them. When the player has completed his turn, his opponent begins the same way." Malesa 2002: 30-31.
Confidence 100
Ages All
Genders Male
Source Malesa, M. 2012. "The Importance of the Indigenous Games among the Ba-Phlaborwa of the Limpopo Province." Unpublished MA Thesis. Turfloop: University of Limpopo.

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