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Evidence for Gabatta

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.2044
Type Ethnography
Location 15°44'52.99"N, 38°42'1.30"E
Date 1893-01-01 - 1893-12-31
Rules 3x6 board, with two stores. Three counters in each hole.
Content Account of Gabatta play near Debresina, as well as a figure of the 3x6 board: "These...people are perfect artists in cow-dung' with this material they make big jars in which to keep their grain, drinking goblet, and boards for the universal game, which the better class make of wood. I brought one of these away with me to show how universal this game is amongst the Abyssinians, from the chief to the peasant, and it reached the British Museum unbroken. This game is caleld Gabatta, and the wooden boards made by the better class contain eighteen holes, nine for each person. There are three bals called Chachtma for each hole, and the game is played by a system of passing, which seemed to us very intricate, and which we could not learn." Bent 1896: 72-73.
Confidence 100
Source Bent, J. 1896. The Sacred City of the Ethiopians, Being a Record of Travel and Research in Abyssinia in 1893. London: Longmans, Green and Co.

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