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Evidence for Katro

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1867
Type Ethnography
Location 21°26'12.38"S, 47° 5'8.45"E
Date 1998-08-13 - 1998-08-13
Rules 6x3 or 6 board. Two counters in each hole. Sowing occurs from one of the holes in the player's outermost row which contains counters, in any direction, which must be maintained throughout the game. Sowing moves in a boustrophedon path along the holes, moving from the last hole in the innermost row to the beginning of the outer row. When the final counter lands in an occupied hole, the contents of this hole are picked up and sowing continues. If this hole is in the player's inner row, the contents of the opponent's hole opposite it are captured, and these counters are also used along with the hole in which the last counter fell for the sowing to continue. If the opponent's inner row hole is empty, counters may be captured from their central row, and if both the inner and central rows are empty, captures may be made from the outer hole. Sowing ends when the final counter lands in an empty hole. When a player has only one counter on their side of the board, it may capture by moving from the central row directly to the inner row hole above it to make a capture (I.e., without following the normal track). Play continues until one player has captured all of the counters.
Content "B. Katro Players group: 4 persons, part of total group of ca. 20 Name of players: Helène Ravaoarisoa, Symphrose Rakalaba, Jules Ranaivozandry, Laurent Rakotosona Age(s) of players (Gender): 45 (F), 45 (F), 46 (M), ? (M) Location: Ianjanina, Fianarantsoa (Betsileo people)Date: 13-8-1998 Name of the game: Katro Configuration of holes: 4 x 4, 4 x 6, 6 x 3, 6 x 6 The 4x4 and 4x6 games are identical to those described above although it was said that players were obliged to start their moves from the back row if possible. The 6 x 3 and 6 x6 games also have the same rules with the following additions: Two counters in each and each player occupies three rows. The players are obliged to start the move from the back row, unless it is empty in which case the inner or if this row is also empty the front row is allowed. The moves proceed in a boustrophedon way, meaning from the back into the inner and into the front row. Once they pass the front row the move returns to the back row crossing but not entering the inner row. The front row of the opponent can be captured unless it is completely empty in which case the inner row can be captured. If the inner row is empty too then the back row can be captured. If there is only one counter on one side of the board then it is allowed to capture by stepping from the inner to the front row (and previous to that: from the back to the inner row) without going boustrophedon. The counter that reaches the front row this way adds the captured counters and proceeds with the move as usual." de Voogt 1999: 112-113.
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Genders Female, Male
Source De Voogt, A. 1999. "Distribution of Mancala Board Games: A Methdological Inquiry." Board Games Studies 2: 104-114.

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