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Evidence for Nim

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.839
Type Contemporary rule description
Location 43°46'10.44"N, 11°15'23.06"E
Date 1496-01-01 - 1517-12-31
Rules Take a number of objects, number to take is limited, loser takes the final object.
Content First mention of the game, in Luca Pacioli's De Viribus Quantitatis, Problem XXXIIII. "Finish any number before the opponent, without taking more than a certain finite number." Rougetet 2014: 359.
Confidence 100
Social status Elite
Genders Male
Source Rougetet, L. 2014. 'A Prehistory of Nim. ' The College Mathematics Journal 45(5): 358–363.

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