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Evidence for Cai Xuan

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.2078
Type Contemporary text
Location Late Tang China
Location 28°51'4.90"N, 112°35'20.30"E
Date 0827-01-01 - 0838-12-31
Rules 78 spaces. Two six-sided dice. Players are promoted or demoted based on the rolls of the dice.
Content Summary of Fang Qianli's Touzi xuan ge (Rules for Selection through Dice): "No diagram of the board survives, and only Fang's preface and a list of 78 official titles of the Tang period remain...Fang then notes a few successful candidates of the civil service examination playing this game with two cubic dice by the shore of Lake Dongting in 838, being promoted or demoted according to luck." Lo 2004: 65.
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Social status Elite, Nobility
Genders Male
Source Lo, A. 2004. "Official Aspirations: Chinese Promotion Games." In C. Mackenzie and I. Finkel (eds.), Asian Games: The Art of Contest. New York: Asia Society, 65-75.

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