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Concepts for Game Jeu de Renard (Two Foxes)

Jeu de Renard (Two Foxes)
Properties, Format, Time, Discrete, Turns, Alternating, Asymmetric, AsymmetricForces, AsymmetricPiecesType, Players, NumPlayers(2), TwoPlayer
Equipment, Container, Board, Shape, SquareShape, NumCorners(4), NumDirections(6.56), NumOrthogonalDirections(3.5), NumDiagonalDirections(3.06), NumAdjacentDirections(6.56), NumOuterSites(28), NumInnerSites(36), NumLayers(1), NumEdges(144), Tiling, SquareTiling, NumCells(64), NumVertices(81), NumPerimeterSites(28), NumTopSites(8), NumBottomSites(8), NumRightSites(8), NumLeftSites(8), NumCentreSites(4), NumConvexCorners(4), NumPhasesBoard(2), PlayableSites, Cell, NumPlayableSitesOnBoard(64), NumColumns(8), NumRows(8), NumContainers(1), NumPlayableSites(64), Component, Piece, NumComponentsType(2), NumComponentsTypePerPlayer(1)
Start, PiecesPlacedOnBoard
Rules, Play, Moves, Remove, Step, StepDecision, StepToEmpty, Hop, HopDecision, HopEnemyToEmpty, Capture, HopCapture, Conditions, MoveConditions, Stalemate, PieceConditions, NoPiece, IsEmpty, IsEnemy, Directions, AbsoluteDirections, DiagonalDirection, RelativeDirections, ForwardRightDirection, ForwardLeftDirection, Phase, NumPlayPhase(2)
End, StalemateGoal
Implementation, State, PieceState, SiteState, Efficiency, Then, ForEachPiece
Visual, Style, ChessStyle, ComponentStyle, AnimalComponent, BallComponent
Math, Arithmetic, Comparison, Equal, Set, Union, Intersection, Complement, Algorithmics, ConditionalStatement, ControlFlowStatement

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