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Welcome to the Ludii Portal!

Ludii is a general game system designed to play, evaluate and design a wide range of games, including board games, card games, dice games, mathematical games, and so on. Download the Ludii player to explore our ever-growing database of games, test your AI search algorithms, and design your own games.

Games are described as structured sets of ludemes (units of game-related information). This allows the full range of traditional strategy games from around the world to be modelled in a single playable database for the first time. Ludii is being developed as part of the ERC-funded Digital Ludeme Project.



Playing games with Ludii

1. Download the Ludii player here.
2. Access the user guide here.

Writing games for Ludii

1. Download the Ludii player here.
2. Access the language reference here.
3. Some useful tips and examples can be found on the tutorials page here.

Creating a Ludii agent

1. Download the Ludii player here.
2. Download and try an example agent for Ludii here.
3. Additional information about the development API can be found here here.

Entering a Ludii Competition

1. The first Ludii AI competition will take place during August at CoG2020 in Osaka, Japan.
2. Further details and instructions on entering the competition can be found here.




Game of the Week

Aw-li On-nam Ot-tjin
Southeastern Asia
Board, Sow, Two rows

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