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Two game-specific issues - fuerchter - 06-09-2022

I'm looking to report issues with the Pentago and Dobutsu Shogi implementations:
In the Pentago trial I attached, on move 22 the end condition doesn't trigger, even though white forms a diagonal line of 5.
"dobutsu-1-p1 weird move 1.3.4.trl": with move 5, even though Player 2's lion is captured it is added back to B4.
"dobutsu-2 weird move 1.3.4.trl": move 4, Player 1's lion is added back to A4

RE: Two game-specific issues - Eric Piette - 06-13-2022


Thanks for this! Having bug/error detection such them is really good for us!

I looked at Pentago and I found the mistake in the description.
This should be fixed with the next release.

I will look for the second game.



RE: Two game-specific issues - Eric Piette - 06-13-2022


I also found the problem in the second game and I fixed it.
This will also be in the next release.


RE: Two game-specific issues - fuerchter - 06-13-2022

Sweet, thanks for that. I had a look at the fixed Dobutsu shogi on the dev branch and it's working for me also. Pentago I'll look at a later time again.

RE: Two game-specific issues - fuerchter - 06-15-2022

I did just notice some more things about Dobutsu Shogi (I was trying to write it from scratch myself, since I'm still learning the Ludii Language):
These are the rules documents I'm aware of for the game:
Dōbutsu shōgi - Wikipedia (English rules on that page, Japanese rules under "External Links")
Let's Catch the Lion! | English rule | File | BoardGameGeek (Japon Brand)
Let's Catch the Lion! | Let's Catch the Lion Rules in English | File | BoardGameGeek (nestorgames)

The nestorgames rules mention:
"You cannot place your lion on your opponents last square if it would put you in check."
This is not implemented, however does not seem to come up in the Japanese rules linked above (at least not on Google Translate, you'd probably need an actual translation). Adding this via the (option) ludeme could be an idea.

"If a game position is repeated 3 times the game ends in a draw."
This is not implemented and does come up in the Google Translated Japanese rules.

RE: Two game-specific issues - fuerchter - 06-22-2022

Hi there,
I noticed an issue with N Puzzles just now, that could need fixing. I'm posting it in this thread, since what I brought up in the previous post is not resolved. If I should open a new thread for things like this, feel free to tell me.

Board sizes 4x4 and 5x5 for the puzzle don't display correctly. Numbers 1-9 are shown, but every number higher than that seems to select its svg in some other way. I'm assuming this is because the folder svg/numbers only contains everything up to 9. Expected behaviour would that every number/cell is different.

Here is an example for the 5x5 version.

RE: Two game-specific issues - Eric Piette - 06-22-2022


1) The rules in Ludii of "Let's Catch the Lion" are the ones in wiki (I updated the ref from BGG to wiki).
I added the cycle ending rule, which was missing.

2) For N Puzzles, that's a GUI error, so I am asking Matthew to have a look. But he is on holidays at the moment, so he will look later. Also in the future, yes, please, create a new thread for any other issues.