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Thread and account deletion - fuerchter - 06-05-2022

Dear Ludii team,
on Friday I registered an account under the same username as this one, and posted a thread with the title "Prompt to save .lud file when closing Editor or Ludii Player itself" (this was the link to the old thread). Today, both my account and that thread were gone. I just registered again to post this. Would you kindly restore that thread and perhaps offer an explanation as to why they were removed?

RE: Thread and account deletion - MatthewStephenson - 06-06-2022


Unfortunately, we don't have any record of this thread or your account in our database.
Its possible that a server update on our end resulted in your account being removed, but I cannot provide any concrete explanations as to how/why this occurred.
It's also possible that one of our admins may have deleted your account by accident, when attempting to remove a spam user.
We keep regular backups of our forum in case of technical issues like this, but our most recent backup was earlier last week so we don't have your latest thread.
I would recommend re-posting that thread again with the same question, and my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Matthew Stephenson

RE: Thread and account deletion - fuerchter - 06-06-2022

Hi Matthew,
thanks for the reply. I did re-post the thread by now.