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Additional parameter for (count Groups) - Michael - 05-23-2022

I think (count Groups) should have a parameter where we can set a condition on the group to be included in the count. 
It could be "exclude:<boolean>". So if you want to count groups of even sizes you can put "exclude:(is Odd (count Sites in:(sites)))". Could be "onlyInclude:<boolean>", of course, if "exclude" feels a bit backwards.

"min:<int>" is a special case of this, but I don't think that is a particularly important case, so a general parameter feels more important. Not that I'm suggesting you remove that parameter. I have used it before and don't want to rewrite stuff.

RE: Additional parameter for (count Groups) - Eric Piette - 05-30-2022


OK, I can do this exclude: parameter.
I am adding this to my todo list.
Thanks for the suggestion.