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Two new games - dale walton - 05-22-2022

I am attaching 2 new games:

OffShore - a territorial game based on the convex hulls of groups

Ecosys - A stalemating game using a stripped down version of the placement rules in OffShore (but very different in character)

RE: Two new games - dale walton - 05-25-2022

I updated the Ecosys script to show group size, which also allowed me to speed up the evaluation as well...

RE: Two new games - Eric Piette - 05-30-2022


I added these games to Ludii


RE: Two new games - dale walton - 05-31-2022

I left an important sentence out of the rule section.
I also wish to note that this game, when played on a hexagon could be considered a variant of Mark Steere's Bamboo that he described earlier this year, even though it was independently developed.

Here is the updated script.

RE: Two new games - Eric Piette - 06-02-2022

Ok sure I updated it.