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Veloop - dale walton - 05-16-2022

This is a new game with Square and Hex versions. For submission, in the experimental category until it has more play testing, and eventually under board/space/... (loop?)

RE: Veloop - dale walton - 05-18-2022

Rules updated:
Replacement is now implemented as stacking with height limit 2, top of stacks swap (i.e. replacement can only be made once to a given location.)
Replacement is restricted to replacing (stacking onto) enemy pieces. (There is no stack restriction for swapping)
Draw when both players are force to pass consecutively.

Standard Options:
Standard board for Veloop (Hex)  is Hex 343434 turns alternate.
Standard board for Veloop (Square) is 8x8 with double turns.

Note that Ludii Analysis says UCT is best agent, but AB beats it regularly with 1/3 the thinking time.

RE: Veloop - Eric Piette - 05-30-2022


I added these games to our experimental category as requested :)

Also, be careful for the "best agent" from the Ludii Analysis, this is not done when you click on the GUI, this is done by us when we evaluate the game during a longer time on a cluster, so for any new game, UCT is going to be selected as the default best agent.