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Proxm - dale walton - 05-01-2022

Another game that is still experimental.

I am posting it here so people can download it and try it. - If all goes well I will ask to submit it.

It may have a Ludii issue with switching options from Manual to Automatic, I am guessing that the compiler needs to set different options, as Automatic mode doesn't use pending and Manual mode does.

Also, (showing Piece State Centered  does not retain the centering if the scale is not 1.

RE: Proxm - Eric Piette - 05-02-2022


I am not sure to understand your issue with the options?

For the graphic issue, I will ask Matthew to have a look.


RE: Proxm - MatthewStephenson - 05-03-2022

Hi Dale,

The centering issue should be fixed in the next release.


RE: Proxm - dale walton - 05-09-2022

Re options: Both Automatic and Manual optitons worked but switching from automatic to manual during a game in progress didn't recompile and work properly... if I recall correctly.

RE: Proxm - MatthewStephenson - 05-30-2022


The menu option issue has been fixed for the next release.