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Mark Steere's Redstone - Michael - 04-20-2022

Here (with Mark's permission) is Redstone.

The script is probably not very efficient. And I must apologize for the mix between tabs and spaces. That's due to a recent change in the setup of my editor.

RE: Mark Steere's Redstone - Eric Piette - 04-28-2022


The game will be in the next release. Thanks for the submission.


RE: Mark Steere's Redstone - Michael - 04-30-2022

In the course of Mark's programming Redstone for BGA I was brought to realize that I had misunderstood the rules for Redstone. I have attached a file that corrects my mistake (and hopefully hasn't intriduced any new ones..).

RE: Mark Steere's Redstone - Eric Piette - 05-02-2022


Ok, I updated the file.