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Scaffold by Andrew Lannan - Michael - 04-05-2022

I'm awaiting the final touches on the metadata. Just uploading it here to share it with the inventor.

RE: Scaffold by Andrew Lannan - apl1974 - 04-12-2022

This is a new version of the Scaffold.lud with updated metadata.

Please let me know if there are any other changes which should be made.

Thank you Michael for writing this.


RE: Scaffold by Andrew Lannan - Michael - 04-13-2022

To be clear, userĀ apl1974 is the inventor of this game, so if it compiles it's ready to be included. The reason I say "if it compiles" is that I see that the (end)-ludeme has curly-braces even if it only has one argument. I'm not sure if that causes problems or not. Trivial to fix, of course, if it does.

RE: Scaffold by Andrew Lannan - Eric Piette - 04-19-2022


It is compiling :)
Thanks for the submission. I added the game to our dev version, and it will be in the next release.