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(move Set Rotational ...) - dale walton - 03-22-2022

If I want to add a piece and set its direction, my understanding is this must currently done as 2 separate decision moves linked by a moveAgain.

This is slightly annoying when playing as the same piece then needs to be re-selected before choosing the rotation. 

If the (to) in (move Set Rotation (to...)) is  (last To), is there a way to make the rotation selection popup pop up directly without re-selecting the site?

So if I have several add moves linked by (or ...) the piece choice popup would immediately follow with a rotation popup.

Alternatively, could the (move Add ...) allow specifying a direction, so that all the choices could be shown in a single popup by linking all the possible adds with an (or...)

I tried to see if multiple facings in the piece definition would work for this but it doesn't seem to.

RE: (move Set Rotational ...) - Eric Piette - 04-01-2022


No, the only other choice would be to define many consequences for the same move.
In the same way that is done for Fanorona when you can capture a piece after moving in 2 different directions.

But for what you mean with setting the direction, you can look at Ploy if you want some examples, but that's mostly like you said in 2 decisions.


RE: (move Set Rotational ...) - dale walton - 04-13-2022

Do you mean by (or (move Add .... (then (set Rotation ...))) (move Add .... (then (set Rotation ...)))) ?

BTW Fanorona rules state cannot capture by moving twice in the same DIRECTION (presumably meaning twice consecutively, rather than cumulatively) HOWEVER, the implementation bans moving twice to the same to the same LOCATION.  Which is correct?

OK, I Tried defining separate pieces facing each direction with separate Add moves.  The has the desired functionality EXCEPT that the popup does not show the pieces in their defined orientation, but instead uses one standard orientation for all, so that the all look the same in the pop-yup but end up in their respective orientation when placed.

I would consider that a bug then.

RE: (move Set Rotational ...) - dale walton - 04-13-2022

I looks like I can work around by using graphic meta data to show the peice in its native rotation - but this does affect all the logic because from a script point of view the pieces are no longer rotated at all.