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Allemande - dale walton - 03-10-2022

This is a board crossing game that started as a game very close to "Conneticut" which I had not been aware of, and was then influenced by Luis Bolaños Mures ideas from an unpublished polyomino crossing game.

The principle is that for a crossing connection game on a square board, where diagonal connections are not counted for the win condition, they must be disallowed to avoid stalemates. - But may be allowed in the case where a true connection between those pieces has been established.

In such a case four simultaneous placements are the minimum required to avoid any conceivable stalemate position. (although 3 placements comes very close if the goal edges are considered connections.)

This is very much still an experimental implementation.  The game needs to be tested and the features of the game required extensive workaround to meet the rules. The workarounds help limit the AI as but also misdirect it.

My guess is the required changes to Ludii to simplify the scripting of this  would be a low priority.

It may however serve as an example crazy work-arounds...

Edit:Added option to allow different hand sizes.

RE: Allemande - Eric Piette - 04-01-2022


Ok, I added this game to the experimental ones. It will be in the release.


RE: Allemande - dale walton - 04-11-2022

By changing the rules slightly, I found a much better way to implement this.
Please replace it with this revised version.

Of course the AI still is not able to manage the high branching factor well, and the use of move filtering slows the AI down as well - but this is well offset by reducing the number of decisions from 4 to 2. -- The AI is almost reasonable for simple play on an order 7 board with the default adjacency restriction and 30 seconds per decision

RE: Allemande - Eric Piette - 04-19-2022


OK, I updated the .lud in our dev version.