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Qua - QuaGamer - 03-04-2022

I have written a draft qua.lud file (attached) that does not compile and does not give an explanation for the coding error. Even if it did compile, it would not be a complete implementation since there is no graphical user interface for the 3D game board. It uses an n=<Board>-layer square <Board> x <Board> game board instead of a (not yet implemented) cube <n> game board ludeme. I am attaching 2 files because I don't know if layers are counted starting at 0 (even) or 1 (odd). The starting board arrangement may be causing the error. Or, perhaps, the "(is in (to) (sites Mover))" ludeme isn't correct for specifying the regions owned by the player who is currently the Mover.

RE: Qua - QuaGamer - 06-10-2022

Checking on status. Any update on when you might be implementing a 3D game board cube ludeme? Is it still probably a long time from now?

RE: Qua - Eric Piette - 06-13-2022


Unfortunately, no update on this for the moment. Sorry.