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Lifeline - Michael - 02-14-2022

Luis Bolaños Mures and I have made a new territory game called "Lifeline". We would be very happy if it could be included in Ludii.

Edit: Is there a simple way (without duplicating the script) of offering the option to play on the vertices of the dual board? And also without making the list of board options twice as long, crucially. I want there to be two independent choices: (i) vertices or cells, and (ii) size.

RE: Lifeline - Eric Piette - 02-15-2022


Thanks for the submission, this game will be added to the next release.

For your question, no sorry, the options and the rulesets only have one level and never two levels for simplicity for us to manage them.


RE: Lifeline - Michael - 02-15-2022

Thank you!

I improved some of the text in the attached version. Nothing major, so no stress.

RE: Lifeline - Eric Piette - 02-16-2022


Ok I updated the text.


RE: Lifeline - Michael - 02-16-2022

Thank you!

We discovered that we wanted to change the goal to elimination, though.. So some major changes are coming. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have posted about a problem that has hindered my progress in changing the goal.

(While the changes are "major" in terms of rewriting the script, the game is virtually the same, with a few rare cases where the winner would be different in the new version.)

RE: Lifeline - Michael - 02-20-2022

Ok, I think we've got it now. In the end, we didn't have to change it into an elimination game, because we found a way to make the stalemate game equivalent. But I have attached the newest version.

RE: Lifeline - Eric Piette - 02-21-2022


Ok great. I will update the file for the next release.


RE: Lifeline - Michael - 02-21-2022

Thank you again! I have fixed a few typos. Here are the fixes, if you just want to fix them without downloading:

"except for Blacks" => "except for Black's"
"a null-placement" => "a null placement"
"The neither the 12* protocol nor the pie rule" => "Neither the 12* protocol nor the pie rule"

RE: Lifeline - Eric Piette - 04-01-2022

I did this update before the previous release :)

RE: Lifeline - Michael - 05-30-2022

I was finally able to change the script to reflect the some early rules changes in Lifeline. I have attached a script with the relevant changes.