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Center (by Alek and me) - Michael - 02-01-2022

Here is an interesting little discovery. It's not a very serious game (must be solvable by humans), but I think it is worth including it in Ludii. If there is a more efficient way of counting friendly pieces in sight, please feel free to change the script.

Edit: We realized one could play on a square board (max 9x9) as well, so I added that as an option.

One more edit: Could you please make the 9x9 board the default option before adding it?

Edit: Nevermind the last edit. I made the change myself. I also changed the square version to use the vertices, like in Go. There is one alight cosmetical issue, though. I didn't use the default Go style graphics, because I really don't like the color of it. But using my custom colors I'm not aure how to get those 5 or so dots that are usually on Go boards. Maybe I'll figure it put before the next release, but it's not really important.

Edit: Ah, crap.. When I changed the square version to use the vertices the Adjacent directions no longer included the diagonals, so I changed it to All. But then the diagonals was included in the hexagonal version.. Do I have to use a conditional direction to make this work?

RE: Center (by Alek and me) - Eric Piette - 02-02-2022

Hi Michael,

I did a few changes to your file to include some dots as an example for the Square version. Could you place them as you like on each tiling/size?

I also made the directions to All for the square version (using vertex) and to the default one for the hex version (using cells).

Let me know if you need more help :)


RE: Center (by Alek and me) - Michael - 02-02-2022

Thank you, that was very helpful!

I have attached what I believe is the final version. I added an option to turn on the pie rule, changed the color and size of the dots, and removed some of the dots on 7x7.

RE: Center (by Alek and me) - Eric Piette - 02-03-2022


Ok sure, it will be added to the next release :)