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Hex Amazons - AlekErickson - 01-07-2022

The fact that Hex Amazons includes "diagonals" just ruins the whole point of playing on the hexagonal grid. 

Can we please discuss this? 

Amazons on the square board has diagonals, sure, because it's not nearly impossible to calculate. 

But on a hexboard diagonals don't really exist. 

Much better would be to utilize the six directions and leave it at that. 

The game, as is, is basically unplayable.

RE: Hex Amazons - Michael - 01-07-2022

I agree. The Amazons should move in the so called adjacent directions in both the hex game and the square game. 8 directions is already many. One good reason to play on a hex board is to reduce this number. It's a bit crazy to increase it.

RE: Hex Amazons - Eric Piette - 01-10-2022


Sure but we are following the rules on BGG:

So, I can add a variant to that game if you want in options/rulesets in which the diagonals are not used, but that would not be the rules described by the author on BGG.

This solution would be pleased you?


RE: Hex Amazons - AlekErickson - 01-29-2022

Yes, that would be amazing, thank you.
BTW, amazons on a hex grid was described in a different BGG thread 10 years prior: