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Quarto - Francis-Loop - 12-21-2021

As for the Quarto java AI player, it took me a while to understand

that the only way to get "what piece shall I play?" is trying to pick up all of the pieces?

You might want to consider a more user friendly way to indicate what piece to play ;)

RE: Quarto - Eric Piette - 12-23-2021


I am not sure what you mean, the gameplay is just selecting which piece you want your opponent to play, then the opponent plays it and select which piece for you for the next turn.


RE: Quarto - Francis-Loop - 12-23-2021

Yup. When playing over the table, my opponent hands me over the piece to place in my move.

My point is:   I have to try picking up all of the pieces to find out what my move is.

Looking at the java UI - at least I ? - don't get
no visual hint whatsoever on which piece I am supposed to place.

RE: Quarto - Eric Piette - 12-24-2021


Oh, that's just because you did not activate the possible legal moves hints (blue and red dots). That's the little interrogation point in the bottom right of the interface to activate that (or also "Show Legal Moves" in the view menu).


RE: Quarto - Francis-Loop - 12-24-2021

Duh. Ooops.

Turns out I couldn't distinguish the dark blue dot from the black pieces it was on.