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Ludii website player - MatthewStephenson - 11-15-2021

We would like to announce the public release of the Ludii Web Player.

This allows you to play Ludii games directly in your web browser, without needing to install Java first.
To play a game, simply navigate to its game page within the Ludii Portal (E.g.

Whilst the web player doesn't provide the full Ludii functionality, it still allows you to play the game against AI opponents.
You can even play Ludii games on your mobile phone!

However, please be aware of the following points:
- Dragging functionality is not available, moves must be made by clicking.
- Please be patient after making a click, the response will likely not be immediate.
- You can change a player between human and AI by clicking on their name.
- Users can have a maximum of three games open at a single time, opening any additional games will cause older games to expire. This is done to avoid excessive server loads.
- Sessions will time out after 30 minutes if no moves are made.
- Games with any of the following attributes are currently disabled in the web player due to memory or interface issues.
  • Matches
  • Large pieces
  • Boardless
  • Simultaneous moves
  • A large number of popup options
- As a result of this, the following games are currently unavailable:
  • L Game
  • Andantino
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Grand Trictrac
  • Acedrex de los Cuatros Tiempos
  • Bul
  • Domineering
  • Trax
  • Chex
  • Block
  • Morra
  • Tavli
  • Ringo
  • Cram
  • Game of Life
  • Mughrabieh
  • Mahbouseh
  • Julbahar
  • Bravalath
  • Battleships
  • Pentomino

If you have any issues with the web player, please report them on the forum here: