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New Game - Rabbit Warrens - dale walton - 11-09-2021

Attached is a new game Rabbit Warrens.

The game is a territorial game with a unique multiplicative scoring, and is movement only, with neither placement nor capture.

The AI has difficulty recognizing the end of the game, as does the analysis tools, because players will pass as soon as they reach their maximum potential score, rather than continue to move until there are no moves left.  Thus the complexity rating given is a large over-estimate of the human complexity.

The game includes a hex grid based version as standard, and a square grid alternative. To reduce choices for players, only one size is supplied.


PS. Please note the info update I posted on the Situ thread...

RE: New Game - Rabbit Warrens - Eric Piette - 11-15-2021


Thanks for the submission, That's going to be in the next release.