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Sneakthrough - RogerCooper - 06-23-2020

The AI seems to be using information about invisible pieces.

RE: Sneakthrough - DennisSoemers - 06-23-2020

Yes, that's correct. We still haven't really figured out what the best way to build the API for AIs would be when it comes to imperfect information games. To my understanding, most algorithms for these games tend to assume that it's possible to build information sets. But I'm not sure if that's a realistic assumption in the fully general game playing setting, with access only to a forward model. When we just have a .lud description of a game, and a game state with hidden information somewhere, it can be really tricky to infer all the possible sequences of actions that could have resulted in that game state.

We'd certainly be very happy with suggestions on this if you have any though.