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FairKalah - tneller - 09-24-2021

This is William J. Champion's Kalah with
- options for 254 fair initial states*, i.e. perfect players will draw,
- empty/zero capture according to patent US2720362A and 1958 Kalah Game Company rules, and
- empty side triggers end of game (rather than starvation, i.e. having no move) according to patent US2720362A and 1958 Kalah Game Company rules.

The implementation extended from that of Eric Piette's Kalah.lud

Aside from removing the bad player 2 experience, this is especially helpful for evaluating Kalah heuristics, as the first-player advantage in Kalah tends to mask incremental progress in Kalah AI.

Thanks to all the good work of the Ludii developers!


* This is a research result: There are 3 fair initial states (boards 1-3) where one piece is moved from the 4-pieces-per-play-pit standard initial board.  There are 251 fair initial states (boards 4-254) where two pieces are moved.  (Moves can include moving to a score pit, i.e. 1 piece handicap.)  The research paper is nearing completion.

RE: FairKalah - Eric Piette - 09-27-2021


Thanks for this submission. I have added your game to Ludii, it will be in the next release.

Just a comment, I saw that you were using version 1.0.6 which is now pretty old. I updating your file to work with the latest version so you have nothing to do, however, I advise you to download the latest version for future use of Ludii (mainly if you want to see your game in the list of our games in the next release