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Intermittant bug: NMesh connector not added - dale walton - 09-19-2021

This not yet submitted script is playing correctly, but the connector pieces occasionally don't show (aren't added) and I can't see any reason for it.
Attached is the script and 2 trials at the point where the problem occurs.

(The connectors should be added between same-colored balls at knight's move distance unless there is one same colored piece or 2 of any piece between them.
In those cases they will also be removed if they pre-existed there.  This all works almost all of the time...

I set animation to all and added graphics for the intermediate states to see if I could see what might be happening, but it seems the pieces are simply not added. So far it has been a few cases of mover 1 placing near player 2.  In the trial positions previous moves I tried to find earlier moves that would show the problem, but I didn't find them, however there are alternative moves for mover 1 at this point that do show the problem, and this is near the end of the game...

Play doesn't depend on the connector pieces, so detecting the end of the game and color changes are working correctly.