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Advance Time Options for Remote Games - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 08-25-2021


I find the time option in remote mode to be very inflexible. I encountered several problems during games that could have been avoided with the following improvements.

Ready to start:
After entering a match, the second player must press a button to say he is ready. The first player can then play. (This is to prevent the remaining time from starting to count when the second player is not ready or has a problem at the start of the match).

Indicative Time:
Adding an option to have a display of the remaining time, without this leading to a defeat for the overtaking player (with display of the time in negative when occurs).

Claim victory: 
In "normal time" mode, do not automatically obtain a victory by exceeding time but display a button to "claim victory by exceeding time" (Players might not be happy with the end of the game and therefore may wish to continue it).

It would be useful to be able to pause the game to stop the time counting. To be more formal, one of the players could request a break, and this would be accepted or declined by the other. (In the event of an incident during the match, this would mean not having to either restart the match or be penalized in time by this incident).

Thank you.

RE: Advance Time Options for Remote Games - MatthewStephenson - 08-25-2021

Hi Quentin,

Thanks for the suggestions. I will see if I can add these in the future.


RE: Advance Time Options for Remote Games - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 08-25-2021

I would add one last option.

Local time for IA:
The time limit is calculated locally, that is to say that for each action played by the IA, we subtract from the remaining time the time taken by selectionAction on the client machine. So the latency time (or any other delays) is not taken into account.