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Plans for an HTML5 .lud player? - gotankersley - 06-03-2020

Greetings Ludii team,

I just recently ran across the Ludii site, and DLP project, and think it looks like a neat idea.

However, one very important thing that still seems to be lacking is an HTML5 .lud player for the games, as there is no apparent way for users to play the games without requiring java, (and that's a rather large hurdle for most people these days).

So, I'm wondering if there are any current plans for HTML5 support, so it can be played directly in the browser?

I realize that it might not be a simple matter to just have it play .lud files, as there are probably multiple java dependencies for different games, but I do wonder if something like Tea VM, or Dragome might be a possibility?


RE: Plans for an HTML5 .lud player? - cambolbro - 06-03-2020


Yes I plan to provide a web browser version of Ludii, but using JavaScript rather than HTML5. The basic idea is to "transpile" our Game objects (compiled to Java bytecode) into JavaScript and run them directly in the browser. The games in our Games list on would then become live games that could be played directly in the browser where their description is given.

We should have time to look into this later this year. 

It's interesting that you suggest Dragome. It stood as the most likely public domain tool for the job when I did a quick survey recently, so that's encouraging.