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Komikan test report and flawed rule (?) - fbarbe - 07-23-2021


I have attached an error_report.txt file that was automatically generated by Ludii 1.2.4. It was generated in a trial of Komikan where I let two Ludii AIs (MAST) play against each other. It displayed a short error message at the bottom and kept playing without apparent error on the screen. I do not unfortunately have the trial of that game and could not replicate it further.

I tried out Komikan after seeing it on “Game of the Day” on
I only tried the Araucanía rulesets, and they seem quite flawed to me. I did not witness a single win, as every game resulted in a draw. The main issue is that Player two can only move Forward North, although the written rules do not explicitly specify that, and it would make much more sense if it could move North-East and North-West as well. Having pieces that only move north makes little sense, as player two can only enter the top triangular part of the board with only two pieces making it really hard to block player one. Pieces also end up getting stuck in the corners.
BGG and Wikipedia have very different rules as usual, and I could not find the original source cited in the rules.

Hope this helps,

RE: Komikan test report and flawed rule (?) - MatthewStephenson - 07-23-2021

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the error report. It seems like the issue was just a small graphical threading problem which shouldn't affect the gameplay at all.