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Javadoc - Qfwfq2 - 05-30-2020

Wiil the javadoc be available ?
I think this would be very useful to use ludii programmatically.

RE: Javadoc - cambolbro - 05-30-2020


That should be possible. What format?


RE: Javadoc - Qfwfq2 - 05-30-2020

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I mean the usual documentation obtained using the javadoc command on the java source files.
The output is in html.

RE: Javadoc - DennisSoemers - 06-02-2020

We'll try to include a separate JAR containing the javadoc once we're ready for the next pre-release, to go alongside the main JAR. I think most IDEs allow for javadoc and class files of dependencies to be split across different JAR files, so this should probably be sufficient?