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HTML-garbage again - Michael - 07-12-2021

I am unable to figure out what is causing the error message in the attached .lud. The message is one of those beginning with
Quote:<html><h2>Syntax error: Could not create "game" ludeme from description.</h2><br/><p> …

I have noticed that it is often caused by an issue with the use of curly parentheses or something in (metadata), but I can't figure out what is wrong this time. I have also attached the last working version.

I don't know if it is possible to help me here, but I'm so lost I feel I have to ask. At any rate, the status tab should never print that HTML garbage.

I just figured it out. I needed to have "Group" in (size Group). I just used (size), since the documentation says the keyword is optional. I guess the documentation is wrong.

RE: HTML-garbage again - Eric Piette - 07-13-2021


That was not the documentation that was wrong, but the @Opt was there in the ludeme size for no reason, I removed it.

Anyway, that's good that you figured it out without our help.