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ragged edged boards - dale walton - 05-29-2020

Most common boards are grid aligned, but edge conditions have interesting effects on the play of games, so some games (checkers) are diagonal, and other orientations (my game Make Muster) are possible.

Could you consider implementing a feature for clipping boards to ragged edges: Thus if a clip angle as an argument for standard square and hexagon boards, expressed in terms of grid units in consecutive directions, could be used to pre-clip the size of the created board automatically, it would allow systematic exploration of such effects.

A diagonal board (whether square or hexagonal) would be (clipped 1 1)  Muster board would be (clipped 1 2) (and rotated to match)

RE: ragged edged boards - cambolbro - 05-29-2020


So the command (clip 30 (square 8)) would create an 8x8 square grid with the top right corner area clipped to give a ragged edge at 120 degrees?

Yes that's something we plan to add.


RE: ragged edged boards - dale walton - 05-30-2020

I would prefer the default to be clip all corners as deeply as possible - ie until the clippings leave a single cell or a pair of adjacent cells. If a single corner, then depth would also need to be specified.  (clip 2 5 (square 8)) would calculate a line from the center of the 2nd cell of the previous direction and the 5th cell in the subsequent direction and exclude any cell centered on or outside that line.

A (Muster 2) board would be (clip 2 3 (square 6))  (Muster 3) would be (clip  3 5 (square 9));  (Muster 4) would be (clip 4 7 (square 12))
To clip just one corner, one would specify the inbetween direction e.g. NE, ALL would be the default.

Rise-and-run in units of the consecutive axes is preferable to angle expressed in degrees as it relates directly to the grid structure.  Like defining crystal faces in crystallography.

I guess it might actually be:
(board (square 12) (clip All 4 7))