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Problem with Claim - dale walton - 06-09-2021

Claiming an occupied site doesn't seem to work. 
I would expect it to replace the contents of the site automatically.
If not, it should work like slide, by allowing an apply remove in the to clause.

Using Remove followed by a consequential claim is not the same, as other consequences don't recognize the existence of the claimed piece.
Also, the move and turn registers record such a move as a remove rather than as an add.

Please see the attached file with the current results of these three approaches.  And a trial showing an example of why the Remove approach is problematic.

Example game should end when one player has 2 on the board.

Note that the behavior of Add, which allows stacking, should be different than that of Claim in this regard (preferably add should work like Slide, requiring an applied removal) while Claim should preferably automatically remove the contents of the site and then add the piece.

RE: Problem with Claim - dale walton - 06-09-2021

Replacing the test file, as one option had not been activated...

RE: Problem with Claim - Eric Piette - 06-10-2021


No the ludeme Claim does not work as you said. It is almost the same as the ludeme Add.
It was done for graph games for the internship of a student. I would advise you to not use it and to use Add for such games.

So just use add rather than claim and what you try to do will work (with remove in the apply).