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need more documentation - GorillaSapiens - 05-24-2020

Looking through
I'm finding that a lot of functions are not well documented.

For example...

"drawSymbol" first parameter "Name of Symbol to draw".
What symbols names are allowed?  Where are the images stored?  How would I add a new one?

"track" second parameter int or string.
How is an integer interpreted?  How is a string interpreted?  Looking at a track from "The Royal Game of Ur" i was able to infer some things.
What do the "20,3" mean here?  I infer NEWS are cardinal directions, and a number means a number of squares.
This should all be in the Language Reference.
Are other strings accepted?  Can I use grid squares somehow, like "D1,A1,A2,H2,H1,G1,End"? (seems like there would be conflicts, e.g. would "E1" be "square E1" or "east 1 square"?)

RE: need more documentation - cambolbro - 05-24-2020


The symbol names are names of image files that come packed into the Ludii JAR. The app finds the image with the closest name and uses that one, otherwise it uses a default image.

I'll update the documentation and list the available images in the Language Reference, thanks for reminding me.

I've updated the Track documentation to explain those parameters and its usage more clearly.

What other aspects of the documentation are lacking? Please keep letting us know of things that can be improved!