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Two bugs about move legality - Michael - 06-04-2021

Both bugs appear in the attached .lud.

When I first try to make move number 4 the move is not executed, instead the piece I click becomes semi-transparent and the status tab tells me "Selected illegal move: [[Remove:type=Cell,to=30,decision=true], [Remove:type=Cell,to=21], [Add:type=Cell,to=21,level=1,what=4], [Remove:type=Cell,to=29], [Add:type=Cell,to=29,level=1,what=4]]".
When I click the piece again, the move is executed correctly.
The same happened when I first tried to make move 5.

Move 6 is supposed to be illegal. It is a removal of a DoubleCounter, but the remove-region is an intersection with [edit: filter over] (sites Occupied by:Mover component:"Counter"), so how is this possible? It should only be possible to remove a Counter.

RE: Two bugs about move legality - Michael - 06-06-2021

I also had some issues with (what) giving me wrong results when dealing with both Counters and DoubleCounters. It was the same game logic where you place Counters, and when you remove them the Counters adjacent to it are replaced with DoubleCounters. The replacing was done with an (apply (remove (to))) inside (add). I suspect that this is the same or a related issue.

RE: Two bugs about move legality - Eric Piette - 06-07-2021


For the first message:
1) I tried but I do not have this problem, I will ask Matthew to look and answer you if he knows about that because that's GUI related.

2) That's unfortunately normal in version 1.2.0. Because we look for the pieces containing the string you put in entry of that ludeme and "Counter" is in both of the piece names you use here. I am going to modify that to look if the name of the piece without its number is exactly the string your put in entry. In the meantime, I advise you to just use another piece, but on the next version that will be fixed.

Second msg:
Not sure what you mean here, all seems to work for that.


RE: Two bugs about move legality - Eric Piette - 06-07-2021

For 1) we found the problem and fixed it, that will be fixed in the next release.