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Maximum value capture - Frisian draughts - lvsor_ - 05-13-2021

Frisian draughts use a complex priority capture rule:

Quote:The highest shot value always takes priority. The value of a king is higher than that of a man, but is less than that of two men. If several kings are involved, then the rule is that the number of kings is of less value than twice the number of men, but more than twice the number of men minus one (for example three kings are of less value than six men, but higher in value than five men).

If both king and man can achieve an equal shot value, then capturing with the king takes priority

I thought about giving each piece a value (for example, 100 for a man, 199 for a king) and then make mandatory to perform the capture sequence with the greatest value, but I am not sure how to do that.

Italian draughts have a similarly complex capture rules, but in the ludii implementation only the longest capture sequence rule is used, with the addition that, if a man and a king can both perform such sequence, the capture have to be made with the king.

I used the same simplification for Frisian draughts. I also added a few variants: Frysk! (only first row of pieces) (source), 12x12, 8x8 and 8x8 with only two rows of pieces, because I read somewhere that 8x8 Frisian involves a forced opening sequence with a huge advantage for the first player, and also as an alternative to Frysk! to familiarize beginners with the game.

The lud file could be added as it is, maybe under the experimental category.

RE: Maximum value capture - Frisian draughts - Eric Piette - 05-17-2021


Frisian Draughts belongs to our European project (Digital Ludeme Project).
Consequently I have to be really careful with it and follow exactly the rules described by our historian (Walter) from the sources and evidences he found:

So I will add your file to our test file first (so not in the next release) and when I will have more time, I will look carefully at your implementation compare to the rules description of Walter, in case of difference, this is possible that I modify it or rewrite it. I will come back to you when I will look at it.


RE: Maximum value capture - Frisian draughts - lvsor_ - 05-17-2021

Okay, thanks. In that case, I have to say that the capture rules are not the same, you will have to change them; they have been correctly implemented at, including the (complex) drawing rules. Frysk! is the only "real" or historical variant, the others (12x12 and 8x8) are experimental.