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WIP: Biloba - fbarbe - 05-11-2021

I tried to write the game "Biloba" from the Ludii Wishlist.
I took the rules from and .

The custodial capture turned out to be fairly complex, and I didn't find a neat way of implement it other than checking for it at the beginning of every move.
I wrote all the rules in Ludii (except for the ending condition, which I am not sure if it is fully correct) but it does not quite act as expected.

Firstly, the (to (between)) condition does not seem to be respected, and the capture gives the following error:
WARNING: Move [[Remove:tyoe=Cell,to=30],[SetNextPlayer:player=2]] was not a decision move. If you see this in an official Ludii game, please report it to us.

I have attached my .lud file (which compiles).


RE: WIP: Biloba - Eric Piette - 05-17-2021


Your error is because in the (forEach Site ....) you do not have any decision move, consequently the description is incorrect.

(custodial ...) is an effect move, not a decision (All the decision moves begin by (move ....))

Consequently your use of (custodial ...) should be in an (apply ...) of a decision move or in a consequence (then ...)

You can look the description of games doing a (custodial ....):


RE: WIP: Biloba - fbarbe - 05-17-2021


Thanks for the clarification. Do you have any ideas on how to force the player to move one of the two pieces that just captured in (between) after the custodial (where the opponent piece has just been removed)?
I tried multiple things but did not manage to do anything for that. I have looked at all the games with the custodial rule in ludii, and none of them have this constraints. Also, none of them have the rule that a piece can be captured by "suicide", if it moves between two of the opponent pieces.


RE: WIP: Biloba - Eric Piette - 05-18-2021


I do not know that game, I can look at it between two of my works, if I do I will come back to you.